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Our trikes use the rear subframe, gearbox, and 1600cc engine of the early Volkswagen beetle. We use a motorcycle front end (forks, headlight, wheel and front mudguard), fuel tank and handle-bars.

The bodyshell is fiberglass and is of a design we fabricate ourselves, the colour is pre-impregnated into the fiberglass and is more durable than paint as small scratches can be polished out. The front section of the frame is made by us and the seats are made by a local automotive upholsterer.

We try to work as much as possible in stainless steel which will never rust and once polished remains shiny for a long time. The racks that we make are all stainless steel, as are the side panels, footrests, foot boards and front indicator brackets. As these trikes are built from scratch to order we can work to the customers specifications or needs. 

The donor cars are er... processed and the majority of it is scrapped. Most of the cars we use are rotten and would not be practically restorable. All the parts that we salvage are reconditioned apart from the gearboxes, in our experience these are indestructible. Serviceable parts like the brakes we replace with new.

This is one of our chassis' after it has been blasted and coated with a tough, long lasting black coat. This one has the gearbox installed.

This is our 2 seater trike, available now!

This is the standard carb kit that we fit. All parts brand new. For an additional cost we can fit new dual carbs.

Here is the new style body shell - modified with improvements on the old style.